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"House of Cards"

Made without video cameras through the use of Geometrics Informatics, a system which 'employs structured light to capture 3D images at close proximity,' and laser-based Velodyne Lidar, director James Frost creates a mathematic virtual world for Radiohead's first official promo music video clip from In Rainbows.(Pitchfork.tv)
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Radiohead Webcast "Scotch_Mist"

The 'Scotch Mist' webcast first aired New Years Eve 2007 via Radiohead's official site, featuring live in-studio performances of material from 'In Rainbows.' Today, Pitchfork.tv re-airs all ten songs in their entirety.(Pitchfork.tv)
01:Introduction 02.Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 03.Bodysnatchers 04.Jigsaw Falling Into Place 05.Faust Arp 06.15 step 07.Videotape 08.Reckoner 09.House of Cards 10.All I Need 11.Nude 12.The End
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